Doe Can Do It All!

Have you ever wondered why Ms. Doe Deere of Lime Crime has so many followers on her Instagram? Why is her business so successful and popular? Really and truly, how does she do it? First of all, Ms. Deere is an internet sensation due to her witty and creative mind and persona; this she knows well! She is also a hard worker, and believes in the power of doing what one truly loves! She is a firm CEO with the cosmetics and makeup business, who also knows how to kick back and have fun while she does it. This I greatly admire in a woman! She is a woman of business who knows her business like no other! She has also had the unique privilege of meeting Prince at one point in time, prior to his recent departure from this world. You may even find a photo of the two of them together in any Google search. Doe Deere may be seen branding her products, smile and personality, or even her own employees as they work hard to make the company all the more off a success than it is today. She may also be seen with uniquely dyed hair colors….on some days light blue, on some days, pink, on some days green, etc. She truly is a woman who does not say ‘no’ to a challenge, including that of diversity and of ‘spicing things up’. Such qualities in one individual alone have surely brought her to the top where she is today, and continue to only do so! Women: take heed here. This message of inspiration and encouragement is for all of you out there! You may have come across several photos of Doe Deree on social sites, her beautiful face painted with hues that speak about her brand, Lime Crime. Doe Deree is an entrepreneur that has ventured into the creative industry, specifically beauty and her brand Lime Crime is among leading companies that are offering make up, clothes, accessories and beauty ideas. In an interview with Galoremag, Doe Deree explains that her love for color and artistic illustration began right from childhood and she nurtured her passion into what is now a successful career and business.

During her first makeup experience, she was only nine. Together with her two best friends, they wore outfit to conjure spirits; long, witchy skirts and ragged tops, but something was lacking in the setup. She could not proceed with the ritual without having her face painted to match with the clothes.

Therefore, Doe Deree took her bag and picked tools for makeup smearing. With this, she piled dark pink eye shadow and brown lip gloss, on herself and the two best friends. However, her friends thought she was not in her senses, but her craftiness made the experience memorable. Her success at this level allowed her to believe she could do more than just painting.

Best and worst moments in makeup
Despite what most people believe, Doe Deree has also had rough times in her pursuit for makeup and beauty. Until she attained the age of 20, she was not good at makeup, but that did not repulse her from exploring the world of makeup and fashion. After coming across theatrical makeup brands, she began experimenting with different ideas. Looking good was not the focus, but mastering the art, which she achieved quite well before her mid 20s.

Lime Crime: What’s in a name?
The name Lime Crime traces its origin from Doe Deree’s eBay store launched in 2004. She needed to name the store and the first keyword that popped in her mind is limecrime. At that time, nobody thought of such stores as brands, so everyone picked a handle haphazardly.

She registered limecrime as a brand since she had used the name before on eBay and was able to reap good results. Most people thought Limecrime would not be persuasive as a brand since there were other suggestions that would fit fashion and makeup more accurately. She kept it anyway and to her surprise, it has become one of the biggest and most admired brands in the fashion market.

About Doe Deree
Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, a brand that deals with fashion and celebrity makeup. Russian born, Doe Deere spent most of her childhood in New York, where she launched Lime Crime in 2008. The company was inspired by the need to make makeup that was unique and bright enough to match with the outfit she was selling on eBay. Doe Deere is a creative entrepreneur who believes in digging into the least explored ideas in makeup and fashion.

In 2009, Doe Deere launched the first distinct radical lip colors under the label Unicorn Lipsticks. This would be followed by a unique and largely popular liquid lipstick, which sold through 2012. Doe oversees the development of different products and ensures all the ideas introduced are in line with the needs of her Unicorns. She is a respected icon in beauty because she relentlessly pursued her dream despite challenges.

Do NOT let any one tell you, ladies, that you are not special…..that you are not someone….that you can never rise to greatness. You can. The power of belief lies within each and every single individual, of which no two are alike. The choice to write your destiny and seal your fate once and for all are in your own hands. The pen of the writer is yours….what will you write as your success story? See Ms. Deere as but one example of the many in successful, entrepreneurial women who have, quite literally, “re-written the rules” in regards to what it takes to be successful and how to ‘stick with it’ in any industry. Did you know that Ms. Deere has been listed as a Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur by Self-Made magazine? If that does not rustle your feathers towards what can be done, then note this: she also leads the fight for freedom, naming her each and every true follower a “fearless Unicorn”. A unicorn of hers in one who works hard and does not accept ‘no’ for an answer….and is willing to re-write the rules of awesome, writing one’s own! A Unicorn, according to Ms. Doe, is one who is typically not average and goes above expectations….making a mark on society in any way big or small. She often speaks of them.

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Limp-Haired Blogger Tries Unique No-Lather Shampoo System by WEN and is Wowed

WEN by Chaz has been around for some time now and built up a major global fan base. Loyal customers love the healthy way the no-lather shampoo cleanses and cares for any hair type out there.
Chaz Dean is the well-respected California celebrity stylist who developed the unique cleansing conditioners to treat the hair from root to end by adding body, strength and super shine. The secret is in his holistic approach and lifestyle. Chaz Dean removed the nasty sulfates and other chemical compounds that give shampoos and conditioners frothiness, because these harsh detergents actually ruin the hair shaft. His natural, plant-based formulas create big, beautiful hair. Check out

That’s the kind of Hollywood mane blogger Emily McClure dreamed of. So, she decided to test WEN by Chaz for one week and post her results.

Emily is cursed with limp hair that doesn’t hold a style long and occasionally frizzes. She chose the FIG cleansing conditioner and scheduled a daily morning WEN wash followed by blow-drying and styling.

Right away, as Emily massaged Wen into her medium length locks, she felt the difference. Her hair swelled in thickness and lay smooth. After she completed her styling, she was wowed. Her hair was super glossy, bouncy and soft. She began posting daily hair selfies to show proof that WEN by Chaz really delivers a healthy, Hollywood mane. Emily loved the compliments she was receiving on her “new” hair.

As long as you stick to a morning wash, and then follow it up with a blow-dry and styling, your hair on WEN will always look beautiful, Emily concluded. If you throw off the routine and skip a wash or try WEN before bedtime, the results are not as big and bouncy.

Still, if you have the time and discipline, WEN is wonderful. Wen is available on Amazon and on Sephora cosmetics stores.


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Former CCMP Chief and Co-Founder Stephen Murray Passes at 52

Following his resignation due to growing health concerns this February, the former chief executive officer of the buyout firm CCMP Capital Advisors died at only 52 years of age on March 12th. Though more details were not made immediately available, the New York based company’s spokeswoman, Alexandra LaManna did reach out via email to confirm this much.

As a founding partner of CCMP, Steve Murray was there to see just how it evolved from JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2006 so as to avoid conflicts with clients of the bank. Specializing in middle market leveraged buyouts and growth equity investments, CCMP was able to raise their funds to an astounding $3.6 billion just last year alone.

The firm’s CEO, Greg Brenneman released an email stating how saddened they are to have lost their friend and former partner. “Steve was a terrific investor and deal maker.” On average, the firm invests anywhere from $100 million to $500 million of equity per transaction. Read more:  Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

For the most part, CCMP hones their focus in on the consumer, industrial, health care and energy sectors. With investments like Cabela’s Inc., Quiznos Corp. and Warner Chilcott Plc., the success of the firm has been cemented.

Having been raised in a suburb of New York City located within Westchester County, Steve Murray earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston College along with a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University before gaining a promising position as a credit trainee with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. back in 1984. It was there that he would eventually rise to become vice president of middle market lending and join the private equity and leveraged finance unit of the company in 1989.

This particular unit preceded what would later become CCMP. Three mergers later, Manufacturers Hanover joined with JPMorgan in 2000 naming Steve Murray head of the bank’s buyout business just five years later.

Prior to the spinoff, CCMP was known as JPMorgan Partners largely investing in middle market deals with the bank’s private equity clients. In the beginning, the merger did anger certain other founding groups such as Henry Kravis of KKR.

JPMorgan struggled to bring them deals which could have been seen as favoring their in-house firm. However, the relationship has healed and is considered much better separate than together. While Steve Murray leaves behind a legacy of leadership and integrity, he is most importantly survived by his wife Tami A. Murray and their four children.

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Class Dojo is Changing the Way Teachers Communicate

  • July 25, 2016
  • Apps

As reported in an article by Business Insider, Ed-tech startup Class Dojo is changing the way teachers communicate with parents and students. This startup is going viral and catching on with millions of users all accross the world. Launched in 2011, in Palo Alto, this revolutionary app is now used in 2 in 3 schools and 90% of school districts. According to the company, it is being used in 180 countries accross the globe.

This impressive little app has an impressive reach, despite it’s humble origins. It started in Palo Alto. Created by Welsh born Sam Chaudry and his partner Liam Don. Chaudry came to Palo Alto on a 90 day tourist visa, and spent the first week living and working in the same little room with Don. In order to create their app, they reached out to teachers, and tried to discover what they would want out of an app.

90 days later, the pair returned to England without a completed app, but they never stopped asking teachers the same question “What’s the worst part of teaching?” Their persistence and perseverance has paid off, and today the app is the most used and downloaded educatational app. The app has been credited with creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools.

According to Lindsey McKinley, head of communications at Class Dojo, the app was downloaded nearly 550,000 times during the back to school season last year. Positive feedback and publicity mean that this app is continuing to go viral, so the numbers could be even larger next year.

The app creates a special social media experince for each teacher’s classroom. It allows students, teachers, and parents to communicate with one another in a way that is familiar to them. The app, which is availble for download through the Google Play and iTunes stores, is a communication platform that allows teachers to post photos and videos of students artwork.

The communications platform created by Class Dojo makes communication between teachers, students, and parents much easier and much more effective. It solves many of the problems that teachers previously had with communication. Teachers can send individual messages, post photos and videos, and send mass messages. They can also translate messages into multiple languages, a feature that is shared by parents.

Class Dojo raised nearly $21 million in its Series B round of venture capital fundraising, and it is easy to see why. The app has revolutionized the way teachers and parents communicate. In addition to the other features of the app, students are given cute monstar avatars and are rewarded for positive behavior and skills learned through the app. Parents are also able to check in and see how their child is doing on a daily basis.


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Leading Executive Shaygan Kheradpir Appointed CEO At Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir recently took up the positive of Chief Executive Officer at Coriant, after the company saw his capacity as a leader while he worked with the company earlier in 2015. Shaygan previously worked as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners, the parent company for Coriant, and this is where he got the opportunity to work with Coriant’s management extensively. Due to his leadership capabilities and industry experience, Coriant thought it was a strong strategic move bringing him in to direct Coriant.

Before Shaygan took up the throne, Pat DiPietro was CEO of Coriant, but has since moved on to serve as board chairman for the company. Previously, Pat had played a strong role in the success of Coriant, but now he believe Shaygan be improve on old systems with new and innovative solutions. Pat will return to his position at Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner.

While at Coriant, Shaygan will be tasked with building the overall growth of sales for the company now that he is the active CEO, and he is expected to further expand the company’s standing in the industry. Shaygan has spent his entire career working in the fields of finance, technology, and telecom, which is why management believes he is the perfect choice for the company.

Shaygan has an extensive background in the industry, with almost 30 years of experience all together working at a variety of different companies. Before Shaygan got started on his successful career, he studied at the University of Cornell in order to earn his degree in Electrical Engineering. After college, he went on to work at companies such as GTE Laboratories, Barclays, and Verizon. Shaygan’s exceptional work ethic has enabled him to earn positions as an executive at most of his company’s as well.

Shaygan also developed the app known as Pingit while he was working at Barclays bank, which is a software developed for making mobile payments. This eventually led to his promotion to CEO of the Barclays, in charge of global sales for the company. Over the course of Shaygan’s career, he has managed to receive invitations to participate on the board for many companies due to his extensive and successful career accomplishments. Not only does he still maintain a position on the University of Cornell’s counsel of engineering, but he was appointed as a member of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Reversal of Fortune for Laidlaw and Its Principals?

A complaint was filed some months ago within Nevada district courts by Relmada Therapeutics. The complaint was since been amended and a temporary injunction has also been filed. Relmada claims that Laidlaw and Company is in breach of contract and also seeks restitution against this company for unpaid costs and fees. While this seems on the surface to be an adverse finding, Laidlaw remains strong and unbowing in its dedication to stockholders and its company. A letter sent to shareholders concerning this matter reflects this and focuses on moving forward positively.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Some people may not be aware of Laidlaw and Associates this far. With solid figures at the helm in James Ahern and Matthew Eitner, Laidlaw has blazed a path to the top and created a noted presence in the work of stockbroking and shareholding alike. While occasional setbacks have occurred in the past with some clients, Laidlaw has been quick to address any such items and to resolve them with payments to meet customer satisfaction goals.

James Ahern is a recognized figure in New York as well. Ahern attended college in New York. He has also been in business within the world of finance for over a decade, and his clients know him for being both considerate of their interests and sharply intuitive in business at the same time. While these complaints seem to pose temporary roadblocks for Laidlaw, the future is looking bright and promising for these trailblazers to forge on ahead!

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The Future of Corporate Communication

In an ever growing digital world, where industries rely on the endless potential of the internet, it is no wonder that a multitude of different companies focus on filling the niche of global forms of communication. Talk Fusion, a company that provides social networking platforms, virtual conference environments and broadcasting options is one such company, and they do a fantastic job at providing the highest level of service to their clientele. The company itself is headed by CEO Bob Reina, a brilliant man with an extensive entrepreneurial mind for success.

Reina can owe his success with Talk Fusion to twenty years of experience in the direct selling industries and marketing sectors, bridging the complicated gaps of business together into more manageable portions for others to understand. He built Talk Fusion from the concept of video email in 2007, which allowed Talk Fusion to provide a service that, at that time, had been generally unheard of or practiced.

Not only is Bob Reina a powerful man in the business world but he is also a dedicated family man and humanitarian. An animal lover at heart, Reina helps to provide charitable funding for animals. In his spare time he likes to assist his family and his local community in a variety of different programs and movements. His dedication to life outside of work makes him a personable and interesting character that can not be ignored.

Talk Fusion, along with its founder, Bob Reina, offers a fresh look at a newly discovered market in communication. The world continues on an annual basis to become more entrenched in the digital world of the ocean known as the internet, and in order for companies to survive and thrive they need to take advantage of the digital age. Talk Fusion provides a robust and powerful communications platform for business leaders and employees alike to take advantage of, creating virtual environments for use in corporate meetings that can prove fruitful and more efficient than in person sittings. The future looks bright and Bob Reina and Talk Fusion have at least a portion of that to their name.


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On the Front Lines with IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading provider of global-scale logistics, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services. They believe that it is there services that help to make the impossible, possible for their clients. They employ a whopping 1,600 employees across the globe in more than 20 different countries. Rather than shy away from hard work they charge ahead in the face of challenges and help their customers in both public and private sectors to meet their goals. They have based their operations around ingenuity and purpose and it shows through their work. From natural disasters to raging battlefields overseas, IAP Worldwide Services positions itself to always be prepared for any situation that may arise so that they can tackle it with confidence and competence. Taking it one step further, they believe that it is their responsibility as a company to serve at a level of excellence, not just to their customers, but to others as well.

IAP Worldwide’s work with technology and sciences enables customers to focus on their missions at their 110 sites across the globe. They use their technology in a variety of facets to help protect the environment, as well as, advance healthcare operations. They are also installed in many military installations across the globe. In certain times of disaster, they know it is important for their teams to respond with haste to restore emergency power and services or supplies that are needed to help sustain life in that area. The company’s humanitarian projects, which span to many countries, have made a huge impact in improving the quality of life of countless people all over the world.

Read more:
IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. – Facebook

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

IAP WOrldwide has also made an honorable pledge to veterans. Nearly 305 of the company is made up of veterans, making the cause particularly close to their hearts. In fact, they actively seek out military personnel and veterans to become a part of their team, as they hold them in such a high regard. They do this because they believe that military personnel are exposed to advanced training, education, community service commitment, and demonstrate higher-quality leadership skills.

If you are interested in learning more about IAP Worldwide, the services that they provide, their corporate partnership, or their leadership team, you can visit their website. If you are interested in joining their excellent team, you can also get information on what is needed to join the company.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx

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Dick DeVos And The Orlando Magic Contribute $400,000 To The Victims Of The Pulse Nightclub Shooting Masscre

Dick DeVos is best known for his ownership of the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team, but he is also a very successful businessman and co-founder of direct selling giant Amway. Most people aren’t aware of his charitable contributor and his lead at the forefront of fund raising. Sources have always soken of the billions that they have given away asking how and why. Dick DeVos is among the social and elite in Michigan, but he believes your influence comes from how much you give. In a recent article in Michigan Live, the DeVos shed light on their philanthropy ideas by giving away over $1 billion in charitable donations and other contributions to the less fortunate. Moreover, DeVos contributes to businesses that are committed to inner city development and growth.

Dick DeVos & The Orlando Magic Joint Contribution

The recent shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL resulted in the death of fifty people and injured countless others. Gunman Omar Matten opened fire on a known LGBT popular nightclub in the most recent hate crime on gays. DeVos has always been a strong supporter of gay marriage. Dick DeVos dedicated $400,000 from the faily foundation and encouraged the Orlando Magic’s to also contribute. Together they donated a total of over $500,000 to the mass Orlando shooting. Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer recently mentioned his contribution from his Twitter account. Dick DeVos has always made it a priority to contribute to Orlando causes.

Dick DeVos donated over $90 million dollars in 2013 alone. They have asked philanthropic organizations to not discuss their contributions. Their privately ran business makes them the second wealthy family in Michigan. Their business makes them a direct sales giant. His corporation deals directly with public marketing and outreach for services and products. In fact, the DeVos has (5) family foundations.

He got his graduates degree from Northwood University and is the sibling of Doug DeVos the current president of Amway and he also serves as Chief Officer. Dick DeVos contributes his philanthropy as a direct cause for his success. He believes that giving back to others is a win win situation. Forbes magazine has him listed as the 67th wealthiest individual in the U.S. He says his foundation serves as a vehicle for giving back to the community and other philanthropic organizations and he continues to actively contribute.

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Creating Successful Public Relations Is The Status Labs Mission

The best reputation recovery and management company in Austin, Texas, Status Labs, has given out several important pieces of advice for anyone who needs to put together an effective Public Relations (PR) campaign. Their advice boils down to this list of tips:

Use An Elevator Pitch. Journalists only have a limited amount of time to listen to your story, so keep it to about 11 seconds.

Focus on One Topic. Only contact a key journalist who specializes in the one, and only one, topic you are describing.

Tell an Interesting Story. It is a story you want conveyed, not an advertisement, so keep it too the basics: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest.

Identify Your Audience. This should probably be an Assignment Editor or a Managing Editor. Invite them to join in social media with you, especially on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Cater To Journalists. They demand a lot, so give it to them: lots of accurate data, good photographs, and answer any of their questions.

The Internet has changed all the rules that used to exist in the world of public relations. The area of Image Management has especially changed with the advent of the Search engines, such as Google and Bing, on the World Wide Web. Status Labs is one of the few Public Relations and Image Management firms that are in step with these 21st century times. The media management of relationships and strategies leveraging modern digital communications provide direct insight for key individuals. Part of the “Digital First” objectives of the team of PR experts at Status Labs is to stay in close connection with key bloggers and journalists across all sectors of the economy.

The emotionally charged positive experiences that Status Labs is able to produce helps their clients’ audiences buy and participate. Many of their clients have enlarged their media impact, rolled out new product lines, and improved the images of politicians. Each situation requires a different solution, which the team steps up to invent and customize to the exact needs of each and every client.

Status Labs’ Co-founder and President is Darius Fisher, who has endeavored to create great account management teams, both in the U.S. and abroad. Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University. Many of his entrepreneurial exploits have been featured in publications, such as The New York Times, The Observer, Yahoo!, US News & World Report, The Daily Beast, and DuJour.

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