The Story of the CEO of Forefront Advisory LLC

Mr. Reifler is well-known for his positions with the companies named Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory, where he has been put into the position of being the CEO of the two companies. These two companies are a type of board for advisory that is able to guide their clients through the universe of forex markets and commodities with the help of their experienced team of professionals. Having over 30 years in the industry, Brad Reifler is very knowledgeable and experienced.

The Reifler Trading Corporation was founded by Brad Reifler in 1982 after he had graduated and received his degrees in Political Science and Economics at the Bowdoin College. The Reifler Trading Corporation that Brad founded was actually a company that was specially designed for world-wide products. The Reifler Trading Corporation was actually so profitable that they ended up getting bought-up by the Refco company.

After all of that, Reifler ended up deciding to found the company Pali Capital, this is where he made his biggest splash in the industry and it’s still why he has such a big Twitter following. After having spent 13 years as the CEO and Chairman of the Pali Capital company, Reifler ended up making the company reach $200 million in profits. The Pali Capital company even was able to have offices located in the UK, United States and Australia.

As of right now, Reifler is working under the guidance of an advisor, in his current position as CEO of Forefront Advisory. Forefront Advisory is able to provide their clients with excellent advice in terms of forex and commodity traders. Everyone knows that the commodity markets are very hard to deal with, as are the foreign exchanges. This is the reason that Reifler is offering up his years of experience in the industry for the clients that are looking for ways to make more profits with the money that they have.

Brad Reifler wants to make sure that everyone knows all that they need to know about the investing world and how they are able to grab a hold of the opportunities that are available to them, he has even made many public speeches on this topic. He has even made many appearances in public setting to discuss how the people that are in the lower and middle classes are able to save the money that they have now and invest it for in the future. Many different types of outlets have even covered these speeches, such as Reuters News, Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch.

To this day Brad Reifler is continuing to be one of the biggest outspoken members to the world on guiding people in the right way so as to help them know the ways that they can invest their money for the future and plan for the day that they reach the true way of financial freedom.

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The Success of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass who is the CEO of his large hedge fund firm, Hayman Capital Management, has made a fortune in the financial crisis. His large fortune was made when his hedge fund bet against subprime mortgages. Recently in news, Mr. Bass has used his newly found wealth to address the issue of the fact that pharmaceutical patents are both weak and abusive to the consumers. This belief in the harmful damage of the patents has encouraged Mr. Bass to request for the United States Patent and Trademark Office to review to legitimacy of the marked patents. Mr. Bass was so adamant about this issue, that by November of 2015, Mr. Bass and his firm had already put in 33 review requests.

Pharmaceutical companies that are being attacked by Mr. Bass and his associate have retaliated by stating that when drugs come off of patents, the prices of pharmaceutical drugs will then plummet. Though this would be beneficial to the consumer, the pharmaceutical companies would no longer be making a profit. Mr. Bass and his associate believe that it should be the pharmaceutical’s company to make the consumer’s lives better rather than only profiting off of illnesses.

Mr. Bass’s mission is to lower the drug prices that are only raised to be so expensive due to the patent. To make this known, Mr. Bass has launched a campaign that is expecting no profit in return for fighting against the overpriced pharmaceuticals. Mr. Bass believes that certain patents extensions and uses are absolutely useless of government regulation. Instead of helping the people, these patents are creating problems for the public. Mr. Bass states that this old system must be fixed or else people will be paying too much for a drug that they desperately need.

One specific drug that Mr. Bass is fighting against is a drug that is called Propofol. Propofol is an anesthetic that is a weight loss drug that is used in over 80 percent of the operations set up in the Untied States. Though this drug is not a dire drug that is desperately needed, this drug is under the protection of a patent which means that it will continue to remain expensive.

Mr. Bass states that he will continue to fight against this patent as he believes it is wrong. Has Mr. Bass has extensive experience in the hedge fund industry, he is confidant that he will succeed. His own company, Hayman Capital Management, was founded in 2006. By 2008, this company grew exponentially as it guessed correctly the financial crisis that occurred in 2008. Observers of Kyle Bass have claimed that he is a genius that should be a treasured member of the hedge fund industry worldwide.  Although some reports, like those in UsefulStooges, have not been so kind.

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Doe Deere: Making Her Own Rules

Fashion icon Doe Deere has made a name for herself by fearlessly breaking the rules of fashion and beauty. She discussed her bravery in a recent online article on According to the article, people do not have to be afraid to break the rules that are dictated by fashion mavens every season. Doe Deere is a perfect example of someone taking a bold step toward individuality and loving every minute of it, says the article.

Deere is the founder and CEO of LimeCrime, an online makeup corporation. She uses the unicorn as her mascot and inspiration for her innovative blends of color, says the article. Deere admits that she has always done her own thing and would be the first person to break a fashion rule. The article shares a few of the steadfast edicts of fashion, and how Deere eschews them for her own tastes.

Conventional fashion wisdom has always said that women can choose one feature for bold highlighting: either the eyes or mouth—never both. If one feature uses pronounced definition, then the other should use muted, subtle colors. This is ridiculous, Deere declares in the article. She adores using bright colors for her eyes as well as lusciously bright hues for her lips. While the rules say do not mix a lot of colors, Deere says to mix and match however one feels.

Along the same lines, Deere says that she also ignores the fashion law that says not to blend patterns. She takes a variety of patterns in coordinating shades and wears them as she likes. She says in the article that fashion should be about what makes people feel good about themselves. This is why she delights in bold patterns and designs.

Whenever the fashion bosses said not to wear socks with open shoes or heels, Doe Deere was not listening. She gleefully pairs bright bobby socks with her favorite heels and sandals. She also wears bright colors in spite of her unnaturally colored hair, says the article. We will not be seeing Deere in blacks and neutrals all of the time.

Deere believes that fashion should not be divided into age categories. No matter people’s age, they should wear what they want in total enjoyment. She feels the same about mixing formal wear with casual clothes. The article is a refreshing treatise on Doe’s beliefs of individual expression—like a rare unicorn.

With Doe Deere’s high-spirited attitude, no wonder she was able to be a success as an entrepreneur. As a teenager, Deere emigrated from Russia to the United States and found her way into the music and fashion industry. When she and some friends formed a band, Deere designed the clothes for them. The clothes were such a hit that she decided to open her own online shop.

Deere blended her own makeup to coordinate with the bold colors of her costumes. People loved her makeup so much that LimeCrime was born. Today, Doe Deere’s company is worth millions and ships her colorful lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and nail polishes all over the world. Doe Deere is an inspiration to everyone to love who they are.


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Home Cleaning App ‘Handy’ Continues to Flourish

  • December 28, 2015
  • Apps

When ‘Handy Technologies’ got up off of the floor many thought that the company was destined for some sort of failure. An app that provides customers a way to connect with service providers had seemingly been done to death via the internet. Competition, as well, was fierce with another start up by the name of ‘Homejoy’ quickly gaining ground. However things took a dramatic turn over this past year as Homejoy ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving Handy head and shoulders above the competition.

The differences between Handy and Homejoy aren’t as numerous as you might expect, at least from the surface. Homejoy was established by Adora and Aaron Cheung back in 2013 and it quickly pulled in massive venture capital from sources such as First Roudn Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Google Ventures — to the tune of $38 million. Yet, the app fell apart despite a focused push in the marketing department that included a run of commercials with celebrity David Hasselhoff as the star.

Now, Handy is continuing its meteoric rise as a one stop shop for customers who need special services with the click of a button. Over the past year, in 2015, we have seen Handy cross the million customer threshold while simultaneously raising an additional $50 million in funding. Handy attributes its success to the wide array of services that are on offer for customers. Where Homejoy focused on home cleaning, Handy allows any type of service provider to get in and offer their work to needy customers.

Read the full article here.
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The Managing Director Of Hall Capital Partners LLC Is On A Gender Equality Mission

Helane L. Morrison is well known in business and investment circles in the San Francisco Bay area for several reasons. The first reason is the time she spent with the Security and Exchange Commission. Helane was the regional director of SEC for seven years. During that time, she regulated and enforced the laws that made corporations conform to the principals that keep our capitalistic society running smoothly.

It wasn’t easy work, but Morrison excelled at the job. Her background as a litigation lawyer gave her some of the tools she needed to deal with companies and people that wanted to test the system. Helane got plenty of legal experience while she was a working partner in the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, law firm in San Francisco. 

Litigating and enforcing are not Morrison’s only specialties. She is involved in the fight for gender equality in the workplace. Morrison has shown the world that a woman can manage a large corporation. As the current General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison wears a number of corporate hats. One of them is overseeing the $24 billion in assets under management by Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital Partners is one of the top investment firms on the West Coast thanks to Morrison and CEO Kathryn Hall and the investment managers that work with them. That team is a diverse mix of men and women that work side-by-side as equals. 

But even though Morrison has made it to the top of the corporate food chain, other women are still being tossed aside not for lack of ability, but because they are women. The men that run Corporate America say they want gender equality, but very few companies’ practice what they preach. Morrison wants to change that behavior. Recent studies show that women are passed over when they reach a certain level in many corporations because the male managers put up roadblocks that make it almost impossible for women to reach a senior position. 

Helane is not afraid to tackle the task of waking up corporate leaders when it comes to recognizing and promoting capable women. Women have the intelligence, the desire and the ability to manage corporation as good as or better than the men that currently sit in the big offices. Morrison said it was time to break the glass ceiling in an article published by, and she has all tools she needs to do just that. 

Check out Helane’s Crunchbase profile to get the latest news on her work and to see her entire work history.

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Discounted Phones Lead November FreedomPop Sale

FreedomPop is getting into the holiday spirit this November as the company is launching a pair of popular phones for sale at majorly discounted rates. FreedomPop was established in L.A. back in 2012 and since then the MVNO has been steadily growing into one of the powerhouses in its own demographic. For years FreedomPop has opted to shy away from selling hardware, but this November phone sale will lead the charge in what appears to be a massively evolving mindset for the FreedomPop corporation.

Coming in November CEO Stephen Stokols has announced that FreedomPop will be selling both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola E at majorly discounted rates for subscribers. The Galaxy S4 will be available for $100 (regularly $450) while the Motorola E will be available for $40 (regularly #230). Both phones will come packaged with a free month of premium FreedomPop which gives customers unlimited calling and texting as well as a gigabyte of mobile data to use. After that month is run out customers will then have the option to either renew at the $5 monthly rate or opt to scale down to the basic, free, FreedomPop plan: 500 texts, 500 minutes of talk, and 500 megabytes of mobile data.

For the longest time FreedomPop has been averse to taking on any sort of hardware as they’ve primarily geared their customers toward SIM cards and ‘bring your own phone’ programs. Now, it is all too clear that FreedomPop is evolving their gameplan. The company recently scored a huge deal with popular manufactures Intel Capital in an undisclosed funding deal. Intel Capital will work in cooperation with FreedomPop to develop a WiFi first smartphone that utilizes the FreedomPop WiFi network in order to function. The phone, thus far, has rather limited details available on it but a release is aimed at some point in 2016 with a price tag around $100.

Going forward we fully expect the company to improve upon their outward expansion. Last year we saw a major push toward the United Kingdom and this coming year it is slotted in that FreedomPop is taking aim at Asia with the cooperation of the Axiata Network. Axiata Group is the biggest distributor in Asia, servicing more than 230 million customers across several of the largest countries in the region. FreedomPop received a $10 million investment from the group and they’ll use that to establish their brand over the next year.

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Skout Is A Safe Place To Date And Socialize

Anyone who’s ever thought about getting the Skout application but never did should take the suggestions listed on The Nation website, which gives a short list of several applications to download. The Skout network made it onto this list, and there are several features that are highlighted about the Skout network in the article published by The Nation. Since Skout is tremendously popular among young people these days, it’s a great place for people to date and socialize, especially if they are not ones to frequent many different social media networks.

Is Skout a safe network to use? Skout is no different than any other dating or social media network out there in the fact that it’s only as safe as the users make it. If a user sees that another person is being harassed or knows of a harassment taking place on the Skout network, the harasser can be blocked, and it’s best to report the incident to Skout. Skout is a safe place because even teenagers can use the network and are protected from the rest of the population by having their own section. Skout’s administrators are always working on keeping its users as safe as possible.

What should those who are worried about safety do on the Skout network? Anyone who’s worried about their safety when using the Skout network can keep their location private if they are using Skout. By not allowing others to see their location, then no one will know exactly which city or location they are in, and this is one way to protect themselves. Another thing a person should do is to block anyone on Skout that they feel is problematic to them, and be certain to be careful when meeting someone in person who was originally found on the Skout network.

How is Skout different from other dating sites? The reason why Skout is different from many different dating sites is because it’s not focused on only one type of dating. Some dating sites are based on international dating, elderly dating, youthful dating, or even local dating. The Skout network allows people to date as they please, which can be international, local, and those of any age group outside of teenagers can date one another on the Skout network. Since Skout allows people to be completely free when dating on the network, it’s brought in more members to the network.

What kind of fun things can people do on Skout? Those who go to Skout looking for fun will be pleased to know that there are several things they can do to enjoy themselves on the network. Besides chatting with a stranger that is unknown, a person can use the shake to chat feature, which can give them a multitude of national and international people to talk to. Shaking the phone is all that’s required to get a new person to chat to. Skout also has greetings that can be sent, virtual gifts, virtual traveling, and a lot more.

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