Eric Pulier is a Philanthropist and Much More

Eric Pulier is well-known as a philanthropist. He is much more than an average entrepreneur. He is also a philanthropist, an author, an American, an educated individual, and he is based in Los Angeles, California. He moved to Los Angeles I the year 1991. He is so intriguing because he began to program computers when he was in fourth grade. When he was in high school he started an entire database computer company. He is the ultimate entrepreneur for many reasons. He seemed to be born with a gift. He attended Harvard University and he was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Enthusiastic About Health Care and People
Eric Pulier is the founder of PDT. This is People Doing Things. This is a company that addresses several issues including health care. He is enthusiastic when it comes to health care and people in general. He is informed of the many ways that technology can be used with many issues that society must face including health care concerns.

A Leader in Starbright World Efforts
Eric has lead the worthy effort in the building of Starbright World. This is considered to be a private social network. This is a network that is specifically intended for the use of children who are chronically ill. This is a network that fosters connections among these ill children. They have the ability to be involved in the following with each other:
* meet and connect
* blog
* post their own content
* share their similar experiences
This is an excellent way for these ill children to support and encourage each other within this social network space.

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