How Keith Mann provides Scholarship for the low-income students via Uncommon Schools

Last year Dynamics Search Partners’ founder Keith Mann held a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, for Uncommon Schools, where several financial service communities participated. Through this event, they were successful in raising over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. The funds will be used to provide a scholarship to the low-income students.

As mentioned by Keith Mann, the primary objective of these Uncommon Schools is to diminish the achievement gap and provide aid to millions of students to graduate from college, who belong to a low-income category. He further stated that they believe in the mission where they want to give equal opportunity to all to go to college.

This year the Uncommon Schools is going to open a new high school in Brooklyn – NY. The student scholarship incorporates students’ PSAT and AP Testing for their inaugural school year. Preceding the pledge drive, Dynamics Search Partners has effectively devoted $10,000 to guarantee that all students’ testing requirements are met.

Who is Keith Mann?
He is the founder/CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) and has an experience of more than 15 years in the executive search industry. Mann is an expert in hiring strategy, staffing and in hedge fund compensation. While he was working as a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search, he was solely responsible for global financial services and also launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the organization in the year 2002. He realized that the hedge fund industry is the most rapidly growing industry and continue his work in the field. In 2006, Keith Mann expanded the practice in private equity industry and founded DSP in the year 2009, as a premier executive search firm solely dedicated to alternative investment firms. DSP has its clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and fills more than 200 customer orders every year.

A brief about Uncommon Schools
Uncommon Schools is an extensive network of more than 42 charter public schools across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. We manage all these schools from our home based office in New York City and with the help of our regional teams. They give far-reaching support including coaching and management of school pioneers, staff recruitment, professional development, fundraising, etc. Uncommon Schools begins and oversees excellent urban charter public schools that close the accomplishment gap and prepare students from low-income category to graduate from colleges.

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