Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Leads The Way In Business Growth

Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing video marketing solutions around right now. The company, which was founded by Bob Reina, specializes in all things video. The company stands apart from competitors by offering 5 unique products in the field all for one price. Whether it’s video emailing, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings, sign up forums, or all of the above, it is all included with a Talk Fusion purchase.


The company has a secret weapon in what makes it so successful. The secret weapon is Bob Reina himself. When thinking of corporate CEO’s there tends to be an image of a profoundly serious person who is consumed with the cold hard profits of his or her company. Bob Reina is the opposite. Reina contributes his motivation of working so hard to be in the name of problem solving and to stamp out animal cruelty for good. Described as “laid back” and as “one cool dude”, he sounds more like a college art professor than a CEO of a major company.


It’s these differences that give him the advantage. Reina began his career over 20 years ago while working as full time policeman. He pursued his sales career on his downtime and credits his experiences as well as his failures during this time as the catalyst for his success now. Reina is known best for making video emails possible in a time when AOL said it was absolutely impossible. That’s what started it all for him, there was a problem and he challenged himself and was motivated to solve it while being told that it was impossible.


A champion of animal rights and causes, Reina donates much of his time and money to animal shelters. The owner of a blind dog himself, he understands the special care that animals with disabilities need.


Bob Reina is a true visionary and no doubt will enjoy continued success throughout the years to come.

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