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Want Your House Cleaner Than Ever

Handy home cleaning services can help you get your spring cleaning done while you sit back and relax. Everyone knows that your house shows your guests a great deal about your lifestyle and family. When someone walks in your home you want to offer a positive first impression, with busy work schedules there are only so many hours in a day.

Handy provides their customers outstanding house cleaning services, making it easier for you to go out enjoy life and spend more time with your family. Instead of you wasting time scrubbing showers, toilets and sinks, Handy is there to do the job with eco-friendly cleaning products.

We get all those nooks and crannies that are often over-looked such as under the beds, on the fridge and behind the toilet. Our vacuums are equipped with the proper filtration, cleaning up to 99% of the allergens and bacteria from furniture and carpeting to help the entire family breathe easier.

Recurring cleaning services are also offered so you NEVER have to worry to have an unexpected guest drop in. If you think about how much time you actually spend cleaning on a daily or weekly basis, having it professionally maintained is much more enjoyable.

You can call us today and tell us about all of your cleaning wants and needs. Handy professionals will provide you a free quote, provide you with any local deals or coupon discounts and work with you to get a cleaning schedule set up that best fits your needs.

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Securus Technologies Changing How Video Visitation is Done

Securus Technologies recently unveiled its new technology in video visitation. The new tech allows inmates and their families to visit through mobile devices allowing even more time together during special moments. Families can download the Securus Video Visit mobile app on most devices including android phones and tablets as well as iPhones, iPads and iPods. The new app makes it easier than ever for people to do video visitation and encourage their incarcerated loved ones. The app makes it possible to visit more frequently and avoid lengthy trips to the jail, which may not be possible for some people. Get more information about the video services of Securus here:

Securus Technologies has provided inmate communication technology solutions for criminal justice, public safety and law enforcement for more than 25 years. Its main goal is to modernize the incarceration experience as well as keep public safety officials safer. The company provides technology for emergency response units and incident management, investigation and correctional monitoring of inmate phone calls and many other areas of the criminal justice system. They provide public safety solutions to help those in law enforcement store, find and implement information in a consolidated and efficient way. 

The company started out in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation, and underwent many name changes and mergers before becoming Securus Technologies. Starting out at a time when there was little technology, the company specialized in inmate phones. However, as technology grew so did the company, and it officially became Securus in 2004. Technology was a huge factor in expanding the company. Securus developed one of the largest call centers in the business that was available all day every day. After several acquisitions of smaller companies, Securus gained global positioning systems, voice biometric analysis and Managed Access Systems along with other technology. The company soon became the leading provider of technology to more than 3,000 facilities in North America. This newest video visitation technology will make it easier for inmates, families and correctional officers.

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Handy’s Volunteer Work and Services

  • January 29, 2016
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Handy’s mission statement is Embrace. Educate. Empower at risk youth to become engaged, productive adults. Handy Inc has always had a significant concern when it comes to the physical and mental health and safety of young youth. Serving annually over 1,300 vulnerable kids, Handy goes well beyond their call of duty. Some of the youth that Handy helps are kids that are aging out of the foster care system, youth who may be on the brink of becoming homeless or who are currently homeless. Others are children that are living with caregivers. Once a child is placed with a caregiver that cease to be eligible for certain services. Many of these caregivers are on fixed incomes and are living below the poverty level. Handy’s effort is to help these children in any way that they can.

Handy participated in the fight for the lives of young people by providing life coaches. These coaches have to be qualified and have certain skills. Once approved by Handy, their goal is to be there for young people as a teacher or mentor. Helping children recognize and develop their strengths and talents has proven to be quite successful. Assisting young people when it comes to Independent Living/LIFE skills and how to implement them in everyday life. There are particular resources available within certain areas that the average person may not be aware of. Handy’s coaches make it a point not to overlook any available resources that available. Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if that service is there Handy’s coaches will find it. Providing scholarship information, employment opportunities, affordable housing and much more are some of the areas of support that these coaches give.

Handy Inc has been an important part of many areas when it comes to offering cleaning, painting, repair services and much more. Their employees are highly qualified, professional personnel who carry their own tools and come ready to work. Making an appointment online is very simple and convenient, and within 24 hours a dedicated worker will appear. Handy makes a conscious effort to make sure their prices are affordable for the average family. With word of mouth spreading throughout communities about Handy’s services and volunteer work it is sure to continue to grow and inspire.

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Skout Releases New Year’s Survey

  • January 25, 2016
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Skout has recently released the results of a survey of almost four thousand of its users. The survey analyzed the role that friends play in a variety of pursuits. It found that friends are a major factor in meeting a variety of goals and that they can be a significant factor in determining success of failure.

In particular, it found that friends played a major role in weight loss, romance, and finances. The survey shows that friendly encouragement does more encourage success in weight loss than gadgets or programs do. It also found that people are starting to favor blind dates over more open relationships, and that introductions from friends are the best source of those dates. Skout also found that people who have more friends are more likely to be promoted and work and that friends often encourage each other to save money.

In short, the survey discovered that the best way to succeed with a New Year’s resolution is to have supportive friends. They can make it easier to meet essentially any goal, and in some cases they’re almost a requirement. People who are looking for beauty, wealth, and love are all in the same boat: they all benefit from a helping hand from their friends.

Skout is a popular mobile application that helps people meet new people and make new friends. It works like a social network, but unlike most other social networks it is designed to make introductions between strangers rather exclusively helping to keep existing friends in touch with each other. Users sign up and fill out a profile to help Skout match them with people that they will probably like, and then they can view other profiles and make contact with people who look interesting.

There are a few bonus features that make it even easier to find new friends. Skout users can filter their list of potential matches to only show people who are near them in order to ensure that they only chat with people that they can meet in person. It also offers a random matchmaking feature starts a chat between two random users and only reveals their names and profiles after they have been chatting for forty seconds. It’s a good tool for making new friends, and as the survey has shown, that can make all the difference when it comes to keeping a resolution and succeeding with life goals.

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Hasselhoff Cannot Help Homejoy

  • January 4, 2016
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You’ve probably seen the commercial. David Hasselhoff telling ‘hassle’ to take a hike. He touts the benefits of using Homejoy to take the ‘hassle’ out of housecleaning. Well, even the great actor himself couldn’t help Homejoy to stay afloat. Recently, via a blog comment, Homejoy announced they had declared bankruptcy. It seems a series of lawsuits and the question of worker classification finally closed down the business. Homejoy was the chief competitor of Handy Technologies. So, now where will people go to get their homes cleaned and their toilets fixed? Well, they will go to Handy Technologies, of course.

Handy Technologies pairs up clients with professional cleaners and repairmen. Clients looking to have their home deep-cleaned once, or to have someone come in weekly, will enjoy using Handy Technologies because they have covered everything. No more trying to check out references or doing background checks. Everything is done by Handy Technologies. A simple set-up with a credit card, which Handy Technologies will keep on file, and the clients are ready to go. They simple state where the job is located, what time it starts and how many rooms need to be cleaned.

From there, independent contractors of Handy Technologies will see the job listed. They can decide if the area is good or if it’s just too far to drive. They see the starting time and decide if that works with their schedule. Cleaners will also see how big the job is. Do they feel like cleaning ten rooms that day, or would a job doing five rooms be better? The choice is theirs. When the contractors are in control, they do better work.

With Handy Technologies, both the client and the cleaner win. Both are happy with the arrangement. When both sides are happy, a company can grow and profit. That is why Handy Technologies is still flourishing while others go bankrupt.

Give Handy Technologies a try this year. See the difference in satisfaction for yourself.

Check out the full article originally published on (the link is below):
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Home Cleaning App ‘Handy’ Continues to Flourish

  • December 28, 2015
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When ‘Handy Technologies’ got up off of the floor many thought that the company was destined for some sort of failure. An app that provides customers a way to connect with service providers had seemingly been done to death via the internet. Competition, as well, was fierce with another start up by the name of ‘Homejoy’ quickly gaining ground. However things took a dramatic turn over this past year as Homejoy ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving Handy head and shoulders above the competition.

The differences between Handy and Homejoy aren’t as numerous as you might expect, at least from the surface. Homejoy was established by Adora and Aaron Cheung back in 2013 and it quickly pulled in massive venture capital from sources such as First Roudn Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Google Ventures — to the tune of $38 million. Yet, the app fell apart despite a focused push in the marketing department that included a run of commercials with celebrity David Hasselhoff as the star.

Now, Handy is continuing its meteoric rise as a one stop shop for customers who need special services with the click of a button. Over the past year, in 2015, we have seen Handy cross the million customer threshold while simultaneously raising an additional $50 million in funding. Handy attributes its success to the wide array of services that are on offer for customers. Where Homejoy focused on home cleaning, Handy allows any type of service provider to get in and offer their work to needy customers.

Read the full article here.
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Skout Is A Safe Place To Date And Socialize

Anyone who’s ever thought about getting the Skout application but never did should take the suggestions listed on The Nation website, which gives a short list of several applications to download. The Skout network made it onto this list, and there are several features that are highlighted about the Skout network in the article published by The Nation. Since Skout is tremendously popular among young people these days, it’s a great place for people to date and socialize, especially if they are not ones to frequent many different social media networks.

Is Skout a safe network to use? Skout is no different than any other dating or social media network out there in the fact that it’s only as safe as the users make it. If a user sees that another person is being harassed or knows of a harassment taking place on the Skout network, the harasser can be blocked, and it’s best to report the incident to Skout. Skout is a safe place because even teenagers can use the network and are protected from the rest of the population by having their own section. Skout’s administrators are always working on keeping its users as safe as possible.

What should those who are worried about safety do on the Skout network? Anyone who’s worried about their safety when using the Skout network can keep their location private if they are using Skout. By not allowing others to see their location, then no one will know exactly which city or location they are in, and this is one way to protect themselves. Another thing a person should do is to block anyone on Skout that they feel is problematic to them, and be certain to be careful when meeting someone in person who was originally found on the Skout network.

How is Skout different from other dating sites? The reason why Skout is different from many different dating sites is because it’s not focused on only one type of dating. Some dating sites are based on international dating, elderly dating, youthful dating, or even local dating. The Skout network allows people to date as they please, which can be international, local, and those of any age group outside of teenagers can date one another on the Skout network. Since Skout allows people to be completely free when dating on the network, it’s brought in more members to the network.

What kind of fun things can people do on Skout? Those who go to Skout looking for fun will be pleased to know that there are several things they can do to enjoy themselves on the network. Besides chatting with a stranger that is unknown, a person can use the shake to chat feature, which can give them a multitude of national and international people to talk to. Shaking the phone is all that’s required to get a new person to chat to. Skout also has greetings that can be sent, virtual gifts, virtual traveling, and a lot more.

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