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Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion Leads The Way In Business Growth

Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing video marketing solutions around right now. The company, which was founded by Bob Reina, specializes in all things video. The company stands apart from competitors by offering 5 unique products in the field all for one price. Whether it’s video emailing, video newsletters, video chat, live meetings, sign up forums, or all of the above, it is all included with a Talk Fusion purchase.


The company has a secret weapon in what makes it so successful. The secret weapon is Bob Reina himself. When thinking of corporate CEO’s there tends to be an image of a profoundly serious person who is consumed with the cold hard profits of his or her company. Bob Reina is the opposite. Reina contributes his motivation of working so hard to be in the name of problem solving and to stamp out animal cruelty for good. Described as “laid back” and as “one cool dude”, he sounds more like a college art professor than a CEO of a major company.


It’s these differences that give him the advantage. Reina began his career over 20 years ago while working as full time policeman. He pursued his sales career on his downtime and credits his experiences as well as his failures during this time as the catalyst for his success now. Reina is known best for making video emails possible in a time when AOL said it was absolutely impossible. That’s what started it all for him, there was a problem and he challenged himself and was motivated to solve it while being told that it was impossible.


A champion of animal rights and causes, Reina donates much of his time and money to animal shelters. The owner of a blind dog himself, he understands the special care that animals with disabilities need.


Bob Reina is a true visionary and no doubt will enjoy continued success throughout the years to come.

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Eric Pulier is a Philanthropist and Much More

Eric Pulier is well-known as a philanthropist. He is much more than an average entrepreneur. He is also a philanthropist, an author, an American, an educated individual, and he is based in Los Angeles, California. He moved to Los Angeles I the year 1991. He is so intriguing because he began to program computers when he was in fourth grade. When he was in high school he started an entire database computer company. He is the ultimate entrepreneur for many reasons. He seemed to be born with a gift. He attended Harvard University and he was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey.

Enthusiastic About Health Care and People
Eric Pulier is the founder of PDT. This is People Doing Things. This is a company that addresses several issues including health care. He is enthusiastic when it comes to health care and people in general. He is informed of the many ways that technology can be used with many issues that society must face including health care concerns.

A Leader in Starbright World Efforts
Eric has lead the worthy effort in the building of Starbright World. This is considered to be a private social network. This is a network that is specifically intended for the use of children who are chronically ill. This is a network that fosters connections among these ill children. They have the ability to be involved in the following with each other:
* meet and connect
* blog
* post their own content
* share their similar experiences
This is an excellent way for these ill children to support and encourage each other within this social network space.

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How Keith Mann provides Scholarship for the low-income students via Uncommon Schools

Last year Dynamics Search Partners’ founder Keith Mann held a fundraising event at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden, for Uncommon Schools, where several financial service communities participated. Through this event, they were successful in raising over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools. The funds will be used to provide a scholarship to the low-income students.

As mentioned by Keith Mann, the primary objective of these Uncommon Schools is to diminish the achievement gap and provide aid to millions of students to graduate from college, who belong to a low-income category. He further stated that they believe in the mission where they want to give equal opportunity to all to go to college.

This year the Uncommon Schools is going to open a new high school in Brooklyn – NY. The student scholarship incorporates students’ PSAT and AP Testing for their inaugural school year. Preceding the pledge drive, Dynamics Search Partners has effectively devoted $10,000 to guarantee that all students’ testing requirements are met.

Who is Keith Mann?
He is the founder/CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP) and has an experience of more than 15 years in the executive search industry. Mann is an expert in hiring strategy, staffing and in hedge fund compensation. While he was working as a Managing Director at Dynamics Executive Search, he was solely responsible for global financial services and also launched the Alternative Investment Practice within the organization in the year 2002. He realized that the hedge fund industry is the most rapidly growing industry and continue his work in the field. In 2006, Keith Mann expanded the practice in private equity industry and founded DSP in the year 2009, as a premier executive search firm solely dedicated to alternative investment firms. DSP has its clients in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and fills more than 200 customer orders every year.

A brief about Uncommon Schools
Uncommon Schools is an extensive network of more than 42 charter public schools across New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. We manage all these schools from our home based office in New York City and with the help of our regional teams. They give far-reaching support including coaching and management of school pioneers, staff recruitment, professional development, fundraising, etc. Uncommon Schools begins and oversees excellent urban charter public schools that close the accomplishment gap and prepare students from low-income category to graduate from colleges.

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Highland Capital Management Reduces Owned Shares of AthenaHealth

The investment firm known as Highland Capital Management has owned a number of shares in the healthcare company known as AthenaHealth. However the firm has decided to lower its share amount due to AthenaHealth experiencing a sharply declining stock value. In fact, the company has experienced a decline by 12% and therefore is resulting in losses for Highland Capital Management. Due to these losses, Highland Capital Management has decided to sell off a number of the shares it owns. It once owned over 95,000 shares of stock in AthenaHealth but it now owns only 16,000 worth a total value of 2.2 million dollars. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Highland Capital Management has decreased its holdings in AthenaHealth by over 83%.

Since AthenaHealth has had a substantial decline in its stock value over the last quarter, Highland Capital Management believed that reducing its ownership stake in the stock would be best for the firm’s finances. During the last quarter the stock market has seen a surge in which stock values have increased but AthenaHealth has done down. Therefore Highland Capital Management has looked to make a change in its investment strategy. Instead it is now investing in other companies in order to make up for the losses and keep its portfolio profitable.

The founder of Highland Capital Management is James Dondero. He has had a very long career in finance that spans over three decades. Dondero founded his firm in the early 1990’s and has established it into one of the top investment firms in the entire world. James decided to use his experience to found a firm that specializes in credit management and hedge funds. It also provides investment management and advisory. With his experience and expertise in finance, James is able to help a number of companies reach their investment goals as well as lead his firm to the next level.

James Dondero began his career as a credit investor and used this experience to advance his career. Before starting his career he studied accounting and finance and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in this field. Once he began his career he advanced and eventually reached the position of top investment officer. This experience made him very well prepared to start up his own firm and reach the next level in his career. James is very active in charitable activities during his spare time when he is now working in his firm.

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Our Leadership

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US Money Reserve Media Appearance and Growth

The US Money Reserve President and former US Mint Director, Philip Diehl held a highly productive interview in early February with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio. During the interview, Diehl talked about his leadership background, the future of the gold market, customer service at US Money Reserve and other issues.

The CBS19, operated Enterprise Radio show gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a platform to share their latest products, strategies and business experiences. Over the years, Diehl has stood as one of the most accomplished directors of US Mint.

He is credited for minting the first platinum coin hand out by the US government and starting the 50 States Quarter program. In his current tenure as president of the US Money Reserve, Diehl has skillfully used his entrepreneurial strength and belief in customer service satisfaction to make US Money Reserve a leading distributor of government issued precious metal coins, bullion and bars. Since US minted precious metals are a legal tender backed and sanctioned by the US government, consumers have no problem purchasing and trading the coins. This article can be found on

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of the US government issued gold, aluminum and silver coins in the world. According to Gold News Network, the company was founded by gold market veterans after discovering a need to have trustworthy guidance, market knowledge and top customer service in the precious metals market.

Since US Money Reserve has always striven to offer exceptional Gold, Platinum and Silver coins. The company has managed to build a huge client portfolio. Many of these clients have gone on to make huge profits. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

The team of highly experienced staff at US Money Reserve, according to Crunchbase includes; senior gold specialist, sale verification personnel, numismatic experts, customer relations officers, coin research professionals and compliance and standards officers.

Besides its core services of providing investment opportunities, the company also supports various charity organizations. Some of the organizations supported by the Austin, Texas based company include; Boys Scouts of America, The Austin Children’s Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

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George Soros Experience Shows that He is a Good Market Speculator

George Soros has recently stated that the Chinese economy resembles that of the U.S. economy during an Asia Society event in New York. According to George Soros, the current situation of the Chinese economy resembles that of the US economy before the 2008 credit crisis where the new credit crunch has become a warning sign for global investors. The China’s economy is currently undergoing transformation after depending on manufacturing and exports for a long time thanks to the new government strategies. The economy on is shifting towards a consumption-based economy from a low-cost manufacturing hub to stimulate more growth and ensure the country’s income remains sustainable.

The change in strategy by the Chinese government comes at a time when the Chinese citizens are becoming selective about where they spend their money. Most citizens who now have increased incomes to spend are focusing their incomes from mass spending to selection premium segments. It was something that made the government officials and economics realize that the economy is transitioning. Therefore, the Central Bank of China allowed more stimulus to boost consumer spending and make it the driver of growth.

However, George Soros thinks that the stimulus package has not been easy as the Chinese thought it would be. The data from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) shows that China’s new credit growth is increasing. The new monthly loans as at August 2015 stood at 1,370 billion yuan and rising. The rise is what Soros is referring to as the strategy by the Chinese government to focus on growth instead of controlling the level of debt which could eventually lead to a financial crisis. The China’s growth has slowed since 2010, and its most recent GDP growth stood at 6.7% which was in line with the analyst’s expectations due to a rising level of debt.

George Soros has gone further to making an economic prediction saying that the China’s economy is about to crash having resembled the 2007/2008 financial crisis. George Soros bases his prediction to the uncontrollable rising debt-to-GDP ratio which stood at 246% in 2015. In 2007, the total public debt-to-GDP ratio for the United States was standing at 62%. The Standard Chartered on has put the China’s public debt and private debt compared to the economic growth of 5.4% in December 2015. The institution thinks that, if the China’s debt increases more than 5% of the GDP, then the credit problem in China could now be categorized as “highly risky” category.

George Soros is well known for his prediction and speculation strategies when he made a big profit in a day after he placed a bet on the Great Britain Pound that the Bank of England would devalue the currency. Later, it turned out he was right after Lamont announced that the GBP was exiting the ERM and devaluing the currency to float in the financial market.

The original article can be accessed at ValueWalk.

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Meet Shaygan Kherdpir – New CEO of Coriant, Inc.


Coriant, Inc. is a telecommunications company, which was established with this name in 2013 when the company became separated from Nokia Siemens Networks. The company was a part of the Transmission Technology Department of Siemens in the 1990’s where it began working on technology that would allow for higher transmissions capacity, which is now called Optical Transport Networking. In a very short time Coriant has become a leading supplier of networking solutions around the world with its advanced technology in communications.

The company is relatively new, but the technology behind optical transport dates back about 35 years. Continued advanced technology has changed how the world connects through telecommunication. Coriant provides network transport solutions to businesses using cloud, mobile, and video services. From the beginning, Coriant has had operations in 48 countries, and continues to be the preferred supplier to mobile network operators in more than 100 countries.

In 2015 Coriant, Inc. found a new CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors to run the company. Shayna Kheradpir is not new to the telecom technology business. His career started with the GTE Corporation, and from there was appointed to be Verizon’s Chief Information Officer and a member of the executive leadership team. Mr. Kheradpir also spent some time and gained experience as Barclays’ Chief Operator and Technology Officer. Prior to his coming to Coriant, he served a period of time as CEO of Juniper Networks where he developed an Integrated Operating Plan for the company.

Mr. Kheradpir has shown himself to be an experienced leader bringing more than 28 years of telecommunications industry knowledge, in addition to leadership roles in technology and financial industries. Mr. Kheradpir is also very well educated with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering from Cornell, University. In addition, he also earned a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the same university.

Before the big announcement naming him the new CEO, Mr. Kheradpir was already working with Coriant’s senior management group since early 2016 just a few month after leaving Juniper. In each of his executive positions, including the current job he is doing at Coriant, he contributes to product progress and money saving proposals. The company expects continued growth and advancement, with his leadership, in spite of some very serious competition in the world of Optical Networking.

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Koch fighting for Prison Reform

Charles Koch is known as the spokesman for the conservative Republican party, but in one major issue, prison and justice system reform, Koch may just be a liberal.

While many people in the United States believe that the prison system is broken, Charles Koch seems to have real insight into the issue and believes that it is not only unfair to individuals but also ineffective. In an interview with Newsweek, a spokesman for Koch indicated that the problem underlying the criminal justice system is that there are two different levels of justice metered out to different classes of people. Wealthier individuals receive one level of justice while poorer people receive significantly worse care. This becomes a real poverty trap for people who stay poor after being in jail.

This results in a system in which a significant amount of money, $80 billion each and every year, is spent on keeping people imprisoned. The figure of $80 billion is staggering and is over 3 times what is spent on educating children in primary and secondary school.

Charles Koch is a billionaire and chairman of Koch Industries, a diversified company that produces chemical products, provides services to oil and gas companies, and even has a finance arm. He has long been associated with conservative ideals and has donated large amounts of money through Super PACs (political action committees). He is a fervent believer that government should be small and non-intrusive into the freedoms of citizens and stands up for the United States Constitution whenever he can.

Koch’s spokesman brings up the bill of rights in the interview and states that four different amendments are concentrating on the issue of criminal justice. The founding fathers were convinced of the importance of a strong justice system that protects rather than violates our personal freedoms. With most of the people in prison being less educated, there are ways to invest in education and job opportunities to avoid the large wasteful expenditure towards prisons.

The interview with the spokesman of Koch stating Koch’s beliefs sounds like it comes from a liberal politician and just goes to show how complex of a person Koch is and how much he stands up for his beliefs in freedom and the positive, but limited goal that government can take in the rights of individuals. Perhaps Charles Koch is more liberal than we all think, as his stance on prison could have come from Bernie Sanders himself.

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The First Week of 2016 Closes Higher

In the first week of 2016, the U.S. Stocks have closed higher than they were at the beginning. This is looking like good news for investors. Among the factors that have contributed to the higher closing of stocks is the recovery of oil from the multi-year low. One thing that raised the prices of oil is that there was hope for an overseas stimulus. Overall, the US stock market has closed at a higher price than it opened. There are other stocks within the U.S. market that have closed higher than before. There is a lot of attempts to try to explain away the higher prices in the close.

One person who had something to say was Joe Sowin, who has attributed the results of the higher close to short covering. Joe Sowin runs the department of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management which was founded by James Dondero. Jim Dondero himself has plenty of experience when it comes to making the most profitable investments. He also knows how to analyse the market in order to come up with an accurate prediction of where the price action may go. With more than 30 years of experience, it is no surprise that Jim Dondero is able to make the wisest investments.

Among the types of trading that Jim has focused on was High Yield investing. For one thing, having high returns is one thing that many people dream about when investing. It takes a lot of homework and experience to be able to pull it off. Along with his work as an investor, James is also involved in philanthropic activities. He helps out with charitable causes in areas such as veteran’s affairs, education, and public policy. He also works in other industries and is chairman of companies like MGM Studios.

The stocks have shown a lot of promise in the first week. However, it is very important to learn about the recent troubles that the stock market have been facing and all of the factors that cause it. For those to be able to profit greatly from stocks it involves knowing the history of the company or the asset that one is going to invest in. For one thing, even with the higher close, stocks were still at a yearly low. One area that seems to be thriving in the market is the home market which has risen as high as 14.7 percent.

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The original article can be read on CNBC.

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