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Doe Deere: Making Her Own Rules

Fashion icon Doe Deere has made a name for herself by fearlessly breaking the rules of fashion and beauty. She discussed her bravery in a recent online article on According to the article, people do not have to be afraid to break the rules that are dictated by fashion mavens every season. Doe Deere is a perfect example of someone taking a bold step toward individuality and loving every minute of it, says the article.

Deere is the founder and CEO of LimeCrime, an online makeup corporation. She uses the unicorn as her mascot and inspiration for her innovative blends of color, says the article. Deere admits that she has always done her own thing and would be the first person to break a fashion rule. The article shares a few of the steadfast edicts of fashion, and how Deere eschews them for her own tastes.

Conventional fashion wisdom has always said that women can choose one feature for bold highlighting: either the eyes or mouth—never both. If one feature uses pronounced definition, then the other should use muted, subtle colors. This is ridiculous, Deere declares in the article. She adores using bright colors for her eyes as well as lusciously bright hues for her lips. While the rules say do not mix a lot of colors, Deere says to mix and match however one feels.

Along the same lines, Deere says that she also ignores the fashion law that says not to blend patterns. She takes a variety of patterns in coordinating shades and wears them as she likes. She says in the article that fashion should be about what makes people feel good about themselves. This is why she delights in bold patterns and designs.

Whenever the fashion bosses said not to wear socks with open shoes or heels, Doe Deere was not listening. She gleefully pairs bright bobby socks with her favorite heels and sandals. She also wears bright colors in spite of her unnaturally colored hair, says the article. We will not be seeing Deere in blacks and neutrals all of the time.

Deere believes that fashion should not be divided into age categories. No matter people’s age, they should wear what they want in total enjoyment. She feels the same about mixing formal wear with casual clothes. The article is a refreshing treatise on Doe’s beliefs of individual expression—like a rare unicorn.

With Doe Deere’s high-spirited attitude, no wonder she was able to be a success as an entrepreneur. As a teenager, Deere emigrated from Russia to the United States and found her way into the music and fashion industry. When she and some friends formed a band, Deere designed the clothes for them. The clothes were such a hit that she decided to open her own online shop.

Deere blended her own makeup to coordinate with the bold colors of her costumes. People loved her makeup so much that LimeCrime was born. Today, Doe Deere’s company is worth millions and ships her colorful lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and nail polishes all over the world. Doe Deere is an inspiration to everyone to love who they are.


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