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Securus Technologies Changing How Video Visitation is Done

Securus Technologies recently unveiled its new technology in video visitation. The new tech allows inmates and their families to visit through mobile devices allowing even more time together during special moments. Families can download the Securus Video Visit mobile app on most devices including android phones and tablets as well as iPhones, iPads and iPods. The new app makes it easier than ever for people to do video visitation and encourage their incarcerated loved ones. The app makes it possible to visit more frequently and avoid lengthy trips to the jail, which may not be possible for some people. Get more information about the video services of Securus here:

Securus Technologies has provided inmate communication technology solutions for criminal justice, public safety and law enforcement for more than 25 years. Its main goal is to modernize the incarceration experience as well as keep public safety officials safer. The company provides technology for emergency response units and incident management, investigation and correctional monitoring of inmate phone calls and many other areas of the criminal justice system. They provide public safety solutions to help those in law enforcement store, find and implement information in a consolidated and efficient way. 

The company started out in 1986 as Tele-Matic Corporation, and underwent many name changes and mergers before becoming Securus Technologies. Starting out at a time when there was little technology, the company specialized in inmate phones. However, as technology grew so did the company, and it officially became Securus in 2004. Technology was a huge factor in expanding the company. Securus developed one of the largest call centers in the business that was available all day every day. After several acquisitions of smaller companies, Securus gained global positioning systems, voice biometric analysis and Managed Access Systems along with other technology. The company soon became the leading provider of technology to more than 3,000 facilities in North America. This newest video visitation technology will make it easier for inmates, families and correctional officers.

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