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George Soros Open Society’s Fate in Russia.



The latest news coming out of Moscow presents a big blow for the free society movement. George Soros must be devastated. Local authorities in the Komi province in Northern Russia have targeted, confiscated and burned libraries donated by two Open Society Foundations in Russia.


It all started in 2015 when the state banned pro-democratic charities affiliated to George Soros. The ban came in the wake of a country release by the Prosecutor’s office claimed that these groups posed an enormous security threat to Russia. The threat emanates from Soros’ criticism of Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine. Also, his foundations are accused of spreading ideas that do not conform to the government’s plan.


Experts see the move as retaliation for Soros’ comments. Indeed, George Soros is an influential global figure. George Soros’ relationship with eastern European states goes way back to the 1930’s. He was born in Budapest, Hungary during the antagonistic era leading up to the Second World War. Growing up in Budapest, George understood the need to travel far and wide in search of a better future.


The determination and passion he showed early in life led him to new opportunities in London. He attended the London School of Economics for a degree in Political Science and Economics. During his duration at the University, George engaged in the economic and political debate of the time. Upon graduation, he ventured into hedge fund management with upcoming companies in London.


George was always a smart investor whose skillful administrative techniques endeared him to investors and other companies. The career growth path took him to New York City in the US. At the time, all the largest hedge funds and investment banks in the world were based in the U.S. After decades of excellence, he established Soros Fund, his investment bank today rebranded as Quantum fund.


During the same time, Soros’ remained true to his background. He would be touched by the plight of the suffering and oppressed societies around the world. George made individual contributions for courses such as the Apartheid struggle by blacks in South Africa. The support came in the form of legal representation and scholarships for children from black communities.


Eventually, Soros became a philanthropist and formed the Open Society Foundations. As the leader, George coordinates networks, projects and partners in over a hundred nations across the five continents. The uniting factors among these foundations include accountability, transparency, democracy and truths of life.

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