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Rocketship Education Blended Learning Model Reimagines the Traditional School System

Rocketship Education is a non-profit education network of public elementary charter schools that are dedicated to serving low-income students within the neighborhoods of California where access to quality education has been limited. The school network is aiming to offer more than education. It wants to empower teachers and engage parents as a way of inspiring and promoting the social growth of the communities in the region. Rocketship Education has significantly invested deeply in developing faculty and management team through intensive training programs to ensure that they have a profound impact on students and community. It has also adopted a modern education model that allows students to learn in their way through combining essential tradition methods, with technology and effective tutoring techniques.


The Rocketship Education network recognizes the importance of engaging parents in the school policies and activities to eliminate the achievement gap. Parents also act as powerful advocates for the community and their children. The school has a network of 16 charter schools that are located in Nashville, Redwood City, San Jose, Washington D.C, Concord California, etc. Rocketship Education opened its first elementary school in 2007. It has continued to gain national attention due to its exemplary performance especially on its test scores and its teaching approach. The schools have a high reliance on technology, which has enabled them to offer education services at a relatively low cost.


Rocketship was founded in 1999 by Father Mateo Sheedy who was a pastor at Sacred Heart Parish after he discovered education disparity in his community. His dedication and collaboration with the community to improve and offer high-quality education for their children was the motivation for them to start a new school system. Father Mateo Sheedy, however, passed away some years later but this did not stop the community from realizing the dream of their pastor. Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary was the first school to be opened, and its impact on the children was remarkable. This motivated more parents to join the school movement to build more schools to help as many children as possible. The school aims to spread across all corners of the country to help students who come from less privileged families to access quality education.


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