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Discounted Phones Lead November FreedomPop Sale

FreedomPop is getting into the holiday spirit this November as the company is launching a pair of popular phones for sale at majorly discounted rates. FreedomPop was established in L.A. back in 2012 and since then the MVNO has been steadily growing into one of the powerhouses in its own demographic. For years FreedomPop has opted to shy away from selling hardware, but this November phone sale will lead the charge in what appears to be a massively evolving mindset for the FreedomPop corporation.

Coming in November CEO Stephen Stokols has announced that FreedomPop will be selling both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Motorola E at majorly discounted rates for subscribers. The Galaxy S4 will be available for $100 (regularly $450) while the Motorola E will be available for $40 (regularly #230). Both phones will come packaged with a free month of premium FreedomPop which gives customers unlimited calling and texting as well as a gigabyte of mobile data to use. After that month is run out customers will then have the option to either renew at the $5 monthly rate or opt to scale down to the basic, free, FreedomPop plan: 500 texts, 500 minutes of talk, and 500 megabytes of mobile data.

For the longest time FreedomPop has been averse to taking on any sort of hardware as they’ve primarily geared their customers toward SIM cards and ‘bring your own phone’ programs. Now, it is all too clear that FreedomPop is evolving their gameplan. The company recently scored a huge deal with popular manufactures Intel Capital in an undisclosed funding deal. Intel Capital will work in cooperation with FreedomPop to develop a WiFi first smartphone that utilizes the FreedomPop WiFi network in order to function. The phone, thus far, has rather limited details available on it but a release is aimed at some point in 2016 with a price tag around $100.

Going forward we fully expect the company to improve upon their outward expansion. Last year we saw a major push toward the United Kingdom and this coming year it is slotted in that FreedomPop is taking aim at Asia with the cooperation of the Axiata Network. Axiata Group is the biggest distributor in Asia, servicing more than 230 million customers across several of the largest countries in the region. FreedomPop received a $10 million investment from the group and they’ll use that to establish their brand over the next year.

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