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US Money Reserve Media Appearance and Growth

The US Money Reserve President and former US Mint Director, Philip Diehl held a highly productive interview in early February with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio. During the interview, Diehl talked about his leadership background, the future of the gold market, customer service at US Money Reserve and other issues.

The CBS19, operated Enterprise Radio show gives entrepreneurs and small business owners a platform to share their latest products, strategies and business experiences. Over the years, Diehl has stood as one of the most accomplished directors of US Mint.

He is credited for minting the first platinum coin hand out by the US government and starting the 50 States Quarter program. In his current tenure as president of the US Money Reserve, Diehl has skillfully used his entrepreneurial strength and belief in customer service satisfaction to make US Money Reserve a leading distributor of government issued precious metal coins, bullion and bars. Since US minted precious metals are a legal tender backed and sanctioned by the US government, consumers have no problem purchasing and trading the coins. This article can be found on

About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of the US government issued gold, aluminum and silver coins in the world. According to Gold News Network, the company was founded by gold market veterans after discovering a need to have trustworthy guidance, market knowledge and top customer service in the precious metals market.

Since US Money Reserve has always striven to offer exceptional Gold, Platinum and Silver coins. The company has managed to build a huge client portfolio. Many of these clients have gone on to make huge profits. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

The team of highly experienced staff at US Money Reserve, according to Crunchbase includes; senior gold specialist, sale verification personnel, numismatic experts, customer relations officers, coin research professionals and compliance and standards officers.

Besides its core services of providing investment opportunities, the company also supports various charity organizations. Some of the organizations supported by the Austin, Texas based company include; Boys Scouts of America, The Austin Children’s Center and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas.

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