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Darius Fisher is an Award-winning Reputation Manager

With the growth in technology and the popularity of digital marketing, most businesses are realizing immense profits and recruiting new clients. Reputation management firms specialize in monitoring reviews and content that is posted online. Prominent individuals such as politicians, executives, and high net-worth individuals can maintain their digital hygiene by hiring reputation managers such as Status Labs.


An In-depth Look into Darius Fisher


Darius Fisher is the President and CEO of Status Labs, a leading digital reputation management, public relations, and content marketing firms. He used his creativity, proven investment strategies, and extensive experience to expand the company, create alliances with prestigious public relation agencies, and acquired new marketing opportunities from executives, political campaigns, and Fortune 500 companies. He spearheaded the internationalization of Status Labs by establishing offices in Gulf Region, Latin American, and Europe. He has invested in The Zebra, Sozo, Leis Trois Petits Cochons, and numerous real estate projects.


Major publications like New York Times, Daily Beast, Inc Magazine, Smart CEO, Christian Science, and Business Insider has interviewed Fisher. He focuses on opportunities in entrepreneurship, technology, government, reputation management, digital marketing, estate development, and public affairs. At Status Lab, Fisher ensures the more than 1,500 customers in 35 countries receive personalized services that address their unique needs and desires. He is the honors graduate from the Vanderbilt University.


Reputation management advice by Darius Fisher


Delete personal data online


Fisher advises clients to remove home addresses or contact details that are available online. Some of the data brokers that can expose personal information to users who have ill motives include Pipl, PeopleSmart, Whitepages, Intelius, and ZoomInfo. Information in these sites escalates annually, hence hiring a reputation manager to carry out a digital hygiene process at least twice a year is a smart move.


Maintain social media privacy

Fisher advises Internet users to make their Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account private. A reliable reputation management specialist must manage public social media accounts for the prominent individuals.


Monitor information posted on established search engines


Fisher advises Internet users to Google search themselves and find out what others are seeing when they Google them.

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