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Achievements And Milestones Of Alexandre Gama

     One of the major achievements of Alexandre Gama in the advertising industry is that he was the first Latin American advertising professional to be a presenter of a masterclass at the Cannes Film Festival. A masterclass is typically only reserved for the top film, marketing and acting professionals in the world. Alexandre Gama presented his masterclass on advertising and propaganda at the 2008 Cannes Festival and received acclaim for it.

Another milestone in Alexandre’s Gama’s life came in 2012. He was appointed a board member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies. In his role there, he was to promote and support high quality communications practices and standards in the communications industry.

The year 2004, was also a major milestone in Alexandre Gama’s life. He was selected to serve as a foreman on the judging panel of British charity, D&AD. With his appointment of foreman, Alexandre Gama became the first Latin American leading the judge panel of what is considered to be one of the most prestigious contests in advertising creativity in the world. Alexandre Gama also served as a foreman for the D&AD advertising contest in 2013. He was also a jury member or judge in the 2008 contest.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s Fight for Truth

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega 101 – An Intro. to Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and His Legacy – And Much More

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is quite the leader at the forefront of today’s Mexican media battle. He has been a leader for many years. He has studied media law all around.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega is committed. He will work tirelessly to see any group project through to the end. That’s what his superiors at Grupo Televisa love about him the most, besides the fact that he never comes back empty handed but will always produce quality work of lasting value for his company.


The Media and Its Lies and What You Can Do About It

Mexico’s media hall is not the only one filled to the brim with horror stories, misconstrued concepts, lies altogether and people of corruption in power; just about every country has its scandals and power issues though all’s not lost. You can always choose to stand up and do what’s right regardless, setting an example of what a true representative of the media should be like; follow Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega’s example, and you’ll find yourself on a good start toward that path in no time. You can change your country from the inside, no matter how bad it may be at the moment, if you just believe and commit to making that change; research facts and evidence, and then present your people with the truth and nothing less as Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega has done in Mexico – even with its wealth of current problems that seem beyond control.

Mexico faces onslaughts of problems in drug trafficking, violence, illegal immigration and much more. That’s why it needs more help than ever before. That’s why it needs Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega.

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Keith Mann and the NYPD

Police brutality has made many national headlines in the past few years. From the killings of innocent people to how they have handled peaceful protests around the nation, there have been many who have paused to question, ponder, and look for ways to explain what our police have done. However, many find themselves pushing the blame to the police – not those who have been hurt, and those who may have done what they should have to avoid it.

Keith Mann lives in New York, and has been working as a hedge fund compensatory for over 15 years. In this tumult of charges against police, and many beginning to distrust their own police squads, Mann has decided to do something good for the police in the New York Police Department. In February of 2015, he decided to get the police in the 54th Street precinct lunch.

Mann has a reason for being so vehemently nice to the police when everyone is avoiding them. His wife’s uncle is a cop in the New York City area, and he doesn’t want to see the family be hurt in anyway. He notes that, despite what’s going on in the world and in people’s heads, cops are trained to handle situations that many civilians will never voluntarily be in. They are not trained to handle the stress that the cops face on an every day basis.

This gesture is more touching when it comes from someone like Kieth Mann. When it comes from a person who has gone through trials, tribulations, and has had tough encounters with the police, a gesture of kindness in this time where everyone seems to be against cops is certainly welcome. Follow Keith on VimeoTwitter, and Facebook to stay up to date on his charitable contributions!

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