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The Managing Director Of Hall Capital Partners LLC Is On A Gender Equality Mission

Helane L. Morrison is well known in business and investment circles in the San Francisco Bay area for several reasons. The first reason is the time she spent with the Security and Exchange Commission. Helane was the regional director of SEC for seven years. During that time, she regulated and enforced the laws that made corporations conform to the principals that keep our capitalistic society running smoothly.

It wasn’t easy work, but Morrison excelled at the job. Her background as a litigation lawyer gave her some of the tools she needed to deal with companies and people that wanted to test the system. Helane got plenty of legal experience while she was a working partner in the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, law firm in San Francisco. 

Litigating and enforcing are not Morrison’s only specialties. She is involved in the fight for gender equality in the workplace. Morrison has shown the world that a woman can manage a large corporation. As the current General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison wears a number of corporate hats. One of them is overseeing the $24 billion in assets under management by Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital Partners is one of the top investment firms on the West Coast thanks to Morrison and CEO Kathryn Hall and the investment managers that work with them. That team is a diverse mix of men and women that work side-by-side as equals. 

But even though Morrison has made it to the top of the corporate food chain, other women are still being tossed aside not for lack of ability, but because they are women. The men that run Corporate America say they want gender equality, but very few companies’ practice what they preach. Morrison wants to change that behavior. Recent studies show that women are passed over when they reach a certain level in many corporations because the male managers put up roadblocks that make it almost impossible for women to reach a senior position. 

Helane is not afraid to tackle the task of waking up corporate leaders when it comes to recognizing and promoting capable women. Women have the intelligence, the desire and the ability to manage corporation as good as or better than the men that currently sit in the big offices. Morrison said it was time to break the glass ceiling in an article published by BizJournals.com, and she has all tools she needs to do just that. 

Check out Helane’s Crunchbase profile to get the latest news on her work and to see her entire work history.

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