Organo Gold Continues To Make Superior Coffee

Organo Gold is a global network company with a mission statement to spread knowledge of the infused product called Ganoderma Lucidum which is a “supernatural mushroom” or the polypore mushroom.

The neutraceutical derived from the Ganoderma Lucidum is a substance proven to help the body resist different kinds of stress, and alkalizing and oxygenating the human body, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune system to fight off infection and disease.

In a properly nourished, oxygenated and totally alkaline human body, no form of disease can survive.

Ultimately, this establishes the solid foundation for good health, removing the basis for osteoporosis, arthritis, adult onset diabetes, heart disease and numerous other degenerative conditions, as well as digestive problems and cancer.

The founder of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua, who is one of the top distinguished names in the direct sales industry in the Pacific Rim. On his official site it’s clear that he has played a major role in two successful companies in Gano Excel. He was the first to market the herb successfully with coffee and tea outside the Asian region.

In the early stages of its development, he envisioned the benefits of working in direct sales, and it definitely proved to be the right move. He was the first to introduce the Ganoderma-Lucidum to the lucrative North American market. His continuous main focus is on efforts to introduce people around the globe to Ganoderma.
Bernardo Chua, being of Chinese heritage, was very aware of the many benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidum in the early stages of his life, and it’s something that he’s frequently written about on Twitter.

The natural genus of this polypore mushroom has been found growing on wood logs around the world and has been indigenous to China and other Asian countries for centuries.

The currently marketed Organo Gold products are as follows; coffee, tea , hot chocolate and personal care products, such as soap.

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Skout Offers A Service That Is Different Than Dating

Dating in the new year is one of the most common resolutions found among Americans. People make resolutions to get out and meet people, but it is difficult to meet people when searching in the wrong way. Skout has become a popular app for people who want to make friends, but Skout is specifically not a dating app. This article explains how someone who has made a new year’s resolution may use Skout to meet the person of their dreams.

#1: Skout Is Not Aggressive

Skout is not a dating app, and the app itself is not aggressive in any way. Users may post their photos to their profiles at any time, but the profiles are moderated carefully. The topless bathroom selfie has been eliminated, and the app wants to be as wholesome as possible. Someone who wants to meet new people in the new year may meet new friends on Skout without feeling the pressure to date immediately.

#2: Skout Is A New Concept

Skout asks people to make friends through selfies. The selfies are moderated carefully, and Skout wants people to make friends before relationships go any further. A Skout user may make a new friend today that becomes their lover in a few months, and the app helps people remain as laid back as possible. Someone who is truly nervous about meeting new people may slowly slide into new relationships on Skout. The messaging portion of the app is only half of what is offered. The other half is choosing people who appear to be of like mind.

#3: People New To The Dating Scene Will Feel More Comfortable

Skout is not a dating app, but people who are looking to date may come to Skout looking for a comfortable place to make friends. One simple selfie will help a Skout user get started, and Skout users will only speak with people they find interesting. The dating site trends of taking sexy selfies go out the window, but users get to meet people they are truly interested in. The conversations may lead to dating relationships, but each conversation is likely not focused on dating.

#4: Skout Offers Services

Skout is an excellent place to find service companies around the world. A Skout profile may be filled with pictures of flowers, and users may purchase flowers from the florist who has a Skout account. The same is true of other service companies, and Skout users may find other friends on Skout whom they would never date. Combining services and friendships helps take the pressure off of users on Skout.

Skout has become one of the best apps for dating among people who do not like online dating sites. The app makes it easy to find friends, and friends may become much more when they meet through the Skout app. Skout has moderated their service for the comfort of everyone, and users will meet interesting new people through wholesome selfies. A dating relationship may grow, but it is not required.

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Skilled Fiscal Strategist Sam Tabar

The world of finance and investing is one in which it is important to have skilled advice at all times. Investing in many ways needs to be something where someone has both long-term and short-term plans. In doing so, it is possible for them to create an investment plan that will serve their needs at all times. The right kind of advice will allow them to be able to enjoy the best possible fiscal outcome. Someone who understands this need and wants to do his best to help people meet it is lawyer and skilled fiscal capitalist Sam Tabar.

Tabar has many skills, all pretty well summarized through his LinkedIn. He was trained in the field of law. His education include earning a degree as an undergraduate from Oxford University in the United Kingdom and another degree in the field of law from Columbia University in New York City. After the completion of his basic education, Tabar decided to hone his skills further with a stint at the highly prestigious law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. His work here was greatly lauded, allowing him to learn much about the field of law and finance and preparing him for the next stage in his planned career.

Since his graduation, Tabar has done much to specialize in the field of business law, and lists his entire educational history. His efforts in this field have included advising companies on the best way to serve the needs of their clients while also providing them with advice about how to best invest any earned funds. Tabar is noted for his specialization in the field of hedge fund management, an important aspect of today’s highly complex and often intimidating market. His advice has helped his many clients discover how they use the world of the market to further increase their capital and use it to generate better overall returns.

Tabar knows that it is very important to keep on top of the market today at all times. He is always aware of the need to be aware of recent developments in the market in order to help provide his clients with the best possible legal advice. He also knows that it is important to stay on top of business laws and help assist those who look to him to keep them informed about the kinds of ways that such laws may be applicable to their personal situation or their business endeavor in some important way.

In his personal life, he remains a member of the Instagram community, and he also runs a GoFundMe account to help African children in need.

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Assisted Living Facilities: Why Choose The Manse on Marsh

Are you in need of a reputable assisted living facility for your loved one? Wondering why many people are raving about The Manse on Marsh and the services that they provide? With so many options for assisted living in the United States, how do you know which facility is right for you and your loved one?

When it comes to choosing the best assisted living facility in the United States, look no further than The Manse on Marsh. This dependable assisted living facility has an established history of rendering top quality senior housing and assisted living facilities. The Manse on Marsh has helped numerous families find assisted living facilities and senior communities to match their budget and unique needs.

Finding the right assisted living environment or senior community can be a confusing process for elderly parents and their families alike. They find the process of selecting assisted living facilities or senior communities to be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. There are resources and professionals that can help you make the right choice.

There are several factors to consider when deciding to find a good assisted living facility. Although there are many facilities out there offering a wide a variety of services and amenities, it’s imperative that you choose a facility that has a reputation for rendering top notch services and amenities. Many people go with a facility that has a proven track record, which means that their loved one will be comfortable and safe in the environment.

Selecting the right housing or community for elderly people requires serious consideration, so you need to take your time when assessing the services, amenities, and programs offered by those communities. Request information to get community reports and consult with their advisor or senior living professional.

When you choose The Manse on Marsh, you won’t have to worry about the quality or safety of the facility because of their excellent reputation and reliability, and the activities that they have to offer. The Manse on Marsh has provided services and living facilities for many years, and they have a good understanding of what it takes to ensure the comfort and happiness of residents. Their professionals are well trained and dedicated to ensuring the complete satisfaction of families and their loved ones.

Once you decide to go with The Manse on Marsh, you can rest assured that your elderly parent or loved one is in trusted hands, and most reviews really show that seems to be the general consensus. You can learn more about The Manse on Marsh and their top notch services and communities, by visiting their website.

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Charles Koch network rivals the GOP

Charles Koch is an American businessman and a philanthropist. He is the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries. In the United State, the Koch industry is ranked as the second largest private company by revenue. Initially, the industries were involved with oil refining, but currently, it is involved in chemicals, fertilizers, pollution control and processes equipment, and other products. He known for his supports to free markets education organizations, also through his wife, Koch Cultural Trust, was founded, and it fund creative arts and artistic projects.

Quietly the political operation created by Charles and David Koch billionaires’ Brothers is investing millions of dollars to a demographic target of poor people in their brand of small government with the aim to alleviate poverty. The outreach programs include GED training, healthy living classes, English language instruction, community holiday, and even turkey giveaway for the holiday. The outreach keeps fights the perception that they are merely rich Republicans gaming the political process for personal gain. According to a source familiar with the outreaches, the program presents the compassionate side of the brothers. The outreach effort mainly focuses on healthy dose concerning proselytizing-free enterprise and how they can lift people from poverty more than the government can do.
Jennifer Stefano, a Koch network official told donors and activist that they want people to know that even without the government help they can achieve success. The Koch network is advancing a new way of achieving freedom, not just by offering classes on knowing your right and constitution, but by teaching people how they can turn their passion into a profit generating business and helping other to thrive economically.
The Koch efforts to some liberal critics may seem like a way to bribe the disadvantage Americans and as a way to hide their agenda of no unions, lower wages, and no health care, but Charles Koch has countered that. He argues that government regulation and welfare hold back many of its citizens, and his movement aims at removing shackles preventing disadvantaged Americans from pursuing their dream. According to him, it is nearly impossible to start a business in America if a person is poor. Thus, he refers to the movement as the as the most effective in helping people to improve their lives and make the world a better place to live for all.
America prosperity president, Tim Phillips shared the views that explaining economic freedom virtues to people who are struggling has not always been successful. He conceded on initiatives that spend money on charitable purpose, education and not policy and political advocacy, and that social organization helps people to live a prosperous life.
Check out the full article here.
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Hasselhoff Cannot Help Homejoy

  • January 4, 2016
  • Apps

You’ve probably seen the commercial. David Hasselhoff telling ‘hassle’ to take a hike. He touts the benefits of using Homejoy to take the ‘hassle’ out of housecleaning. Well, even the great actor himself couldn’t help Homejoy to stay afloat. Recently, via a blog comment, Homejoy announced they had declared bankruptcy. It seems a series of lawsuits and the question of worker classification finally closed down the business. Homejoy was the chief competitor of Handy Technologies. So, now where will people go to get their homes cleaned and their toilets fixed? Well, they will go to Handy Technologies, of course.

Handy Technologies pairs up clients with professional cleaners and repairmen. Clients looking to have their home deep-cleaned once, or to have someone come in weekly, will enjoy using Handy Technologies because they have covered everything. No more trying to check out references or doing background checks. Everything is done by Handy Technologies. A simple set-up with a credit card, which Handy Technologies will keep on file, and the clients are ready to go. They simple state where the job is located, what time it starts and how many rooms need to be cleaned.

From there, independent contractors of Handy Technologies will see the job listed. They can decide if the area is good or if it’s just too far to drive. They see the starting time and decide if that works with their schedule. Cleaners will also see how big the job is. Do they feel like cleaning ten rooms that day, or would a job doing five rooms be better? The choice is theirs. When the contractors are in control, they do better work.

With Handy Technologies, both the client and the cleaner win. Both are happy with the arrangement. When both sides are happy, a company can grow and profit. That is why Handy Technologies is still flourishing while others go bankrupt.

Give Handy Technologies a try this year. See the difference in satisfaction for yourself.

Check out the full article originally published on (the link is below):
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The Story of the CEO of Forefront Advisory LLC

Mr. Reifler is well-known for his positions with the companies named Forefront Capital Management and Forefront Advisory, where he has been put into the position of being the CEO of the two companies. These two companies are a type of board for advisory that is able to guide their clients through the universe of forex markets and commodities with the help of their experienced team of professionals. Having over 30 years in the industry, Brad Reifler is very knowledgeable and experienced.

The Reifler Trading Corporation was founded by Brad Reifler in 1982 after he had graduated and received his degrees in Political Science and Economics at the Bowdoin College. The Reifler Trading Corporation that Brad founded was actually a company that was specially designed for world-wide products. The Reifler Trading Corporation was actually so profitable that they ended up getting bought-up by the Refco company.

After all of that, Reifler ended up deciding to found the company Pali Capital, this is where he made his biggest splash in the industry and it’s still why he has such a big Twitter following. After having spent 13 years as the CEO and Chairman of the Pali Capital company, Reifler ended up making the company reach $200 million in profits. The Pali Capital company even was able to have offices located in the UK, United States and Australia.

As of right now, Reifler is working under the guidance of an advisor, in his current position as CEO of Forefront Advisory. Forefront Advisory is able to provide their clients with excellent advice in terms of forex and commodity traders. Everyone knows that the commodity markets are very hard to deal with, as are the foreign exchanges. This is the reason that Reifler is offering up his years of experience in the industry for the clients that are looking for ways to make more profits with the money that they have.

Brad Reifler wants to make sure that everyone knows all that they need to know about the investing world and how they are able to grab a hold of the opportunities that are available to them, he has even made many public speeches on this topic. He has even made many appearances in public setting to discuss how the people that are in the lower and middle classes are able to save the money that they have now and invest it for in the future. Many different types of outlets have even covered these speeches, such as Reuters News, Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch.

To this day Brad Reifler is continuing to be one of the biggest outspoken members to the world on guiding people in the right way so as to help them know the ways that they can invest their money for the future and plan for the day that they reach the true way of financial freedom.

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The Success of Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass who is the CEO of his large hedge fund firm, Hayman Capital Management, has made a fortune in the financial crisis. His large fortune was made when his hedge fund bet against subprime mortgages. Recently in news, Mr. Bass has used his newly found wealth to address the issue of the fact that pharmaceutical patents are both weak and abusive to the consumers. This belief in the harmful damage of the patents has encouraged Mr. Bass to request for the United States Patent and Trademark Office to review to legitimacy of the marked patents. Mr. Bass was so adamant about this issue, that by November of 2015, Mr. Bass and his firm had already put in 33 review requests.

Pharmaceutical companies that are being attacked by Mr. Bass and his associate have retaliated by stating that when drugs come off of patents, the prices of pharmaceutical drugs will then plummet. Though this would be beneficial to the consumer, the pharmaceutical companies would no longer be making a profit. Mr. Bass and his associate believe that it should be the pharmaceutical’s company to make the consumer’s lives better rather than only profiting off of illnesses.

Mr. Bass’s mission is to lower the drug prices that are only raised to be so expensive due to the patent. To make this known, Mr. Bass has launched a campaign that is expecting no profit in return for fighting against the overpriced pharmaceuticals. Mr. Bass believes that certain patents extensions and uses are absolutely useless of government regulation. Instead of helping the people, these patents are creating problems for the public. Mr. Bass states that this old system must be fixed or else people will be paying too much for a drug that they desperately need.

One specific drug that Mr. Bass is fighting against is a drug that is called Propofol. Propofol is an anesthetic that is a weight loss drug that is used in over 80 percent of the operations set up in the Untied States. Though this drug is not a dire drug that is desperately needed, this drug is under the protection of a patent which means that it will continue to remain expensive.

Mr. Bass states that he will continue to fight against this patent as he believes it is wrong. Has Mr. Bass has extensive experience in the hedge fund industry, he is confidant that he will succeed. His own company, Hayman Capital Management, was founded in 2006. By 2008, this company grew exponentially as it guessed correctly the financial crisis that occurred in 2008. Observers of Kyle Bass have claimed that he is a genius that should be a treasured member of the hedge fund industry worldwide.  Although some reports, like those in UsefulStooges, have not been so kind.

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Doe Deere: Making Her Own Rules

Fashion icon Doe Deere has made a name for herself by fearlessly breaking the rules of fashion and beauty. She discussed her bravery in a recent online article on According to the article, people do not have to be afraid to break the rules that are dictated by fashion mavens every season. Doe Deere is a perfect example of someone taking a bold step toward individuality and loving every minute of it, says the article.

Deere is the founder and CEO of LimeCrime, an online makeup corporation. She uses the unicorn as her mascot and inspiration for her innovative blends of color, says the article. Deere admits that she has always done her own thing and would be the first person to break a fashion rule. The article shares a few of the steadfast edicts of fashion, and how Deere eschews them for her own tastes.

Conventional fashion wisdom has always said that women can choose one feature for bold highlighting: either the eyes or mouth—never both. If one feature uses pronounced definition, then the other should use muted, subtle colors. This is ridiculous, Deere declares in the article. She adores using bright colors for her eyes as well as lusciously bright hues for her lips. While the rules say do not mix a lot of colors, Deere says to mix and match however one feels.

Along the same lines, Deere says that she also ignores the fashion law that says not to blend patterns. She takes a variety of patterns in coordinating shades and wears them as she likes. She says in the article that fashion should be about what makes people feel good about themselves. This is why she delights in bold patterns and designs.

Whenever the fashion bosses said not to wear socks with open shoes or heels, Doe Deere was not listening. She gleefully pairs bright bobby socks with her favorite heels and sandals. She also wears bright colors in spite of her unnaturally colored hair, says the article. We will not be seeing Deere in blacks and neutrals all of the time.

Deere believes that fashion should not be divided into age categories. No matter people’s age, they should wear what they want in total enjoyment. She feels the same about mixing formal wear with casual clothes. The article is a refreshing treatise on Doe’s beliefs of individual expression—like a rare unicorn.

With Doe Deere’s high-spirited attitude, no wonder she was able to be a success as an entrepreneur. As a teenager, Deere emigrated from Russia to the United States and found her way into the music and fashion industry. When she and some friends formed a band, Deere designed the clothes for them. The clothes were such a hit that she decided to open her own online shop.

Deere blended her own makeup to coordinate with the bold colors of her costumes. People loved her makeup so much that LimeCrime was born. Today, Doe Deere’s company is worth millions and ships her colorful lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and nail polishes all over the world. Doe Deere is an inspiration to everyone to love who they are.


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Home Cleaning App ‘Handy’ Continues to Flourish

  • December 28, 2015
  • Apps

When ‘Handy Technologies’ got up off of the floor many thought that the company was destined for some sort of failure. An app that provides customers a way to connect with service providers had seemingly been done to death via the internet. Competition, as well, was fierce with another start up by the name of ‘Homejoy’ quickly gaining ground. However things took a dramatic turn over this past year as Homejoy ended up filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving Handy head and shoulders above the competition.

The differences between Handy and Homejoy aren’t as numerous as you might expect, at least from the surface. Homejoy was established by Adora and Aaron Cheung back in 2013 and it quickly pulled in massive venture capital from sources such as First Roudn Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and Google Ventures — to the tune of $38 million. Yet, the app fell apart despite a focused push in the marketing department that included a run of commercials with celebrity David Hasselhoff as the star.

Now, Handy is continuing its meteoric rise as a one stop shop for customers who need special services with the click of a button. Over the past year, in 2015, we have seen Handy cross the million customer threshold while simultaneously raising an additional $50 million in funding. Handy attributes its success to the wide array of services that are on offer for customers. Where Homejoy focused on home cleaning, Handy allows any type of service provider to get in and offer their work to needy customers.

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